Skyports partners with Robotic Skies to develop maintenance programmes for UAS and Advanced Air Mobility markets

Skyports delivery drone at take-off. Credit: Skyports.Skyports collaborated with eVTOL start-up Volocopter in October 2019 and unveiled the world's first vertiport protoype, the VoloPort. Credit: Skyports

Skyports and Robotic Skies, the global MRO network for commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), are to work together to develop maintenance facilities and programmes for the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry.

As well as being a drone delivery provider, Skyports designs, builds and operates networks of vertiports – to enable the safe transportation of air taxi and cargo drone operations in major cities.

The company operates end-to-end drone deliveries within the medical, e-commerce, and logistics sectors, and is currently conducting medical drone deliveries to assist the NHS in Scotland in the battle against COVID-19.

Duncan Walker, CEO of Skyports, said: “Certified maintenance is vital to enable full-scale, permanent commercial drone delivery operations. With Robotic Skies, our fleet of UAV systems will be maintained to the same safety standards as traditional certified aircraft.

“This partnership allows us to further demonstrate our commitment to the safe operation and integration of delivery drones alongside other users of the airspace and supports our plans to grow our service network internationally.”

In addition, as a participant in the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) Regulatory Sandbox, Skyports is also working to advance regulatory approvals that foster more beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations and the safe integration of these flights into non-segregated airspace – key to realising a permanent drone delivery service. 

Robotic Skies, through partnerships with companies like Skyports, provides enterprise UAS and drone delivery fleet operators with local field maintenance services.

The company’s proprietary system combines expertise in unmanned aircraft systems and traditional aviation maintenance methodology to deliver high-quality, scalable services. The Robotic Skies Service Center network is comprised of over 200 independently owned and operated certified repair stations, spanning more than 40 countries.

Robotic Skies Founder and CEO, Brad Hayden, said: “We are excited to partner with Skyports as they pursue the expansion of drone delivery and other BVLOS flight operations in the UK and beyond.

“Our global Service Center Network puts high-quality support services where Skyports customers need it. Because we are leveraging the existing manned aviation infrastructure, we offer the highest quality, safety, and consistency in our programs to satisfy operators, regulators, and manufacturers.”