New Italian start-up Walle Mobility has created a short survey to help understand the issues of regional transport, as they look to define the way it will develop its new Urban Air Mobility service.

Set up by a group of 10 visionaries earlier this year, the company says it aims to raise awareness about Urban Air Mobility throughout Italy and Europe, and show how it will change the future of mobility.

Domenico Gagliardi, Founder of Walle Mobility, said: “Our survey aims to validate and better understand regional movements today. Our survey answers the following question: How do people move to regional distances today? So that’s an average of 40-50 km.

“The survey is only three minutes long and will be useful to us at Walle to better structure our Walle Fly service and understand both the problem of regional travel today, and what people want for a 15-minute flight, which will then be carried out through VTOL aircraft.”

Walle Mobility wants to focus on regional routes of about 50km on average, or inter-urban routes which link strategic points in Italy.

The two pilot routes it has studied are from Milan’s Malpensa Airport to the city centre, which is a 45-minute journey by car, but potentially a 15-minute flight via when using an VTOL aircraft. The second route is from Naples port to Capri island, which is nearly two hours by car, but just a 10-minute flight over the Bay of Naples.

Earlier this year, Walle Mobility also released a White Paper on the publishing platform Medium, which outlined their research and offered a perspective on future developments in the industry.

The survey is available in English or Italian. To fill in the English version, click here, and the Italian version is here.

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