Walle Mobility has launched a new application so passengers can simulate the experience of using its service to book a VTOL air taxi flight to destinations across Italy.

The company’s goal is to specifically target interurban routes within 50km, linking strategic points across the country. It plans to launch its first mobility service within six years.

Those using the Walle Fly App can view a list of destinations situated in the country, which includes the island of Capri, Florence, Genoa, Naples, Milan, Turin and Venice. Each location includes place of departure, how often a VTOL flight will leave this location, estimated flight time, and the cost of a ticket.

Once the location is chosen, passengers are then asked if they would like additional services such as on-board drinks or champagne, a place for your pet and a request to carry your luggage.

Domenico Gagliardi, Founder of Walle Mobility, said: “We have created the application to simulate the booking of a flight, but above all to bring people to this market. In fact, within the application, there is also a section where you can read and learn about the world of VTOL.”

The company published a White Paper earlier this year, and created a short survey to help understand the issue of regional transport. The two pilot routes it has studied are from Milan’s Malpensa Airport to the city centre, which is a 45-minute journey by car, and from Naples port to Capri island, which is nearly two hours by car.

Marco Pugliese, Walle Mobility’s International Relations Manager, was a recent guest on the eVTOLInsights.com podcast and spoke more about the company’s vision and its plans for the rest of the year and into 2021. The episode is due to be released next month.

Those wanting to try the app out, can visit https://wallefly.glideapp.io/