eSTOL aircraft developer has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Aerion Supersonic, which will see both companies work together to develop a ‘global mobility ecosystem’.

By combining’s eSTOL aircraft with Aerion’s AS2 supersonic business jet, the two companies aim to advance development of urban and regional transportation networks, enabling a faster end-to-end journey and delivered in a seamless luxury experience through Aerion Connect.

Supported by leading global partners, Aerion says that the ecosystem will integrate and connects the point of departure to the point of destination, optimised for high-speed travel with different, innovative modes of transportation.

Aerion CEO, President & Chairman, Tom Vice said: “Our intent at Aerion is not just to redefine speed and the experience of global travel but to build an entire ecosystem for point to point mobility.”

“We’re also clear that enabling this reinvented, faster ecosystem will require world-class partners to achieve success. Accordingly, I’m delighted to launch this partnership with Electra and their new generation of eSTOLs which with their large cabin, optimal range, speed and emissions capabilities, will integrate seamlessly into our vision of the future.”

“Aerion and Electra offer the perfect combination of speed and convenience” added Electra CEO John Langford. “Electra’s powered-lift aircraft can bring air service to areas of less than 100 feet. This will open new opportunities to connect urban, suburban, and remote areas.”

In a press release, it says the two companies are united in a belief that air travel should be ‘an enjoyable, time-efficient and luxurious experience again – one that answers customers’ needs and lifestyles.’

Aerion is currently working on its AS2 supersonic business jet, the first one to be designed to be powered by 100 percent synthetic fuel and will be capable of supersonic speeds of around 1000mph (Mach 1.4).

The AS2 will be the first aircraft to be assembled at Aerion’s new global headquarters in Melbourne, Florida – Aerion Park. The state-of-the-art development, powered by clean energy, will incorporate headquarters operations plus an integrated campus for research, design, build and support of the company’s new supersonic aircraft. is developing a new generation of electric short takeoff and landing (eSTOL) aircraft that promise to help shape the future of regional mobility aircraft.

The company’s innovative “powered lift” concept will enable Electra aircraft to operate in and out of space currently used for parking garages, helicopter terminals, docks, or barges.