Japanese eVTOL aircraft developer SkyDrive will display its SD-03 eVTOL aircraft model at a public exhibition for the first time, giving attendees a chance to sit in the cockpit.

The Flying Car Technology Exhibition and Conference is the only event in Japan to focus on the theme of the idea of ‘flying cars’. It will take place at the Tokyo International Convention Centre from November 4th to 6th, with SkyDrive’s CEO Tomohiro Fukuzawa also giving a keynote speech on the first day, entitled ‘The Dawn of the Flying Car’.

Designed to be the world’s smallest eVTOL model as a means of transportation, the SD-03 measures two metres high, four metres wide and four metres long – only requiring as much space on the ground as two parked cars.

The company conducted the first public flight demo of its new single-seater SD-03 flying car in Japan in August, with a four-minute flight being carried out at the 2.5-acre Toyota test Field. It is one of the country’s largest test fields and home to the company’s development base.

For more information about the Flying Car Technology Exhibition and Conference, visit https://www.n-plus.biz/fct/guideline/