The latest episode in our series of podcasts about the eVTOL aircraft and Urban Air Mobility markets is now live, and this week’s guest is Tom Plümmer, CEO and Co-Founder of Wingcopter.

The award-winning German startup manufactures unmanned eVTOL aircrafts dedicated to improving the lives of people worldwide through meaningful commercial and humanitarian drone applications. It focuses on the delivery of medical goods as well as parcels and food.

Tom talks to us about the technology behind Wingcopter’s eVTOL drones and also goes into more detail about the impact they’ve had on humanitarian projects in Africa and the South Pacific.

He gives his insight into how the technology can help make air logistics quicker and more efficient, and previews the exciting work Wingcopter has in store for 2021.

Click the Play Button below to listen to the episode, which is also on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.