In this week’s podcast episode, we were delighted to welcome Kofi Asante, Elroy Air’s Head of Strategy and Business Development, as our guest.

The company is currently developing its autonomous VTOL aircraft, Chaparral, which is an end-to-end heavy cargo delivery system that can carry payloads of up to 300lbs a distance of about 300 miles.

Kofi talks to us in more detail about Chaparral and what impact he thinks it can have in the air logistics sector. He also gives more insight into the challenges that need to be solved in order for unmanned aircraft to be accepted in the urban airspace, and reacts to news earlier this year that Chaparral won a Gold Award at the Industrial Design Awards.

You can listen to the episode by clicking on the Play button below. It is also available to listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, by searching eVTOL Insights Podcast.