Jaunt Air Mobility and Varon Vehicles have announced a joint collaboration to help accelerate the introduction of urban air mobility in Latin America, which will set the building blocks for early eVTOL aircraft demonstrations in the region.

eVTOL aircraft developer Jaunt is currently designing and developing its Journey model and plans to be operational by 2026, with demonstrations expected as early as 2023. This latest partnership extends the company’s presence across the world, after announcing a similar agreement with Italian startup Walle Mobility earlier this month.

Simon Briceno, Chief Commercial Officer for Jaunt Air Mobility, said: “We are pleased to work with Varon Vehicles as they have developed a novel approach to address the challenges in Urban Air Mobility. The Jaunt Journey aircraft will be one of the safest, quietest and most efficient aircraft; meeting the highest level of certification standards. Our patented Reduced rotor Operating Speed Aircraft offers inherent safety and a smooth comfortable ride for passengers.”

Over the course of the year, Jaunt Air Mobility will work with Varon Vehicles to understand the unique transportation needs in Latin American cities – such as Bogota and Cartagena – and will help define the operations and integration of its Journey aircraft into service.

Varon Vehicles is developing a series of vertiports connected to each other via well-defined low altitude virtual lanes through which these air vehicles will fly.

Vertiports will be placed both inside and outside existing urban areas to alleviate the pressure for city growth, providing transportation services to multiple customers like logistics companies, tourism companies, hospitals, law enforcement and transportation network companies (TNC’s) for air taxi services, all without the need for per-mile physical construction.

Commenting on the partnership, Felipe Varon, CEO and Founder of Varon Vehicles, and who is also recognised in the recently published eVTOL Insights Power Book, said: “This is what we call the Varon Vehicles Infrastructure Network: It’s a new form of mobility infrastructure.

“Technology now makes it possible to tap into unused low altitude airspace over cities and suburbs in an environmentally friendly manner to provide potentially disruptive transportation services and invaluable connectivity.

“We have chosen to start implementation in Colombia, where we’re working hand in hand with the Colombian civil aviation authority and a host of regional industry partners, as we bring together technologies, like Jaunt’s, for implementation.”