Falck – the Danish emergency response and healthcare company – is teaming up with Kitty Hawk to create a framework for Project Heaviside, which will see Kitty Hawk’s eVTOL aircraft used for emergency medical missions.

This will enable the aircraft to be an addition to Falck’s services, helping to increase flexibility and reduce emergency response time. Additionally, it will contribute to Falck’s continuous development of its services within the prehospital and ambulance area.

The new collaboration also adds to Falck’s drone initiative, Vertical, which aims to assess the potential of drone technology in the prehospital and ambulance services of the future. 

Jakob Riis, CEO of Falck, said: “The agreement with Kitty Hawk takes us to the next level in our commitment to integrate eVTOL aircraft into our ambulance operations. Kitty Hawk brings the technology, while we at Falck contribute with our ambulance service area as a use case.

“This combination gives us the best conditions to investigate how we can jointly unleash the potential of new  technology and develop the ambulance-borne health solutions which are likely to set the standard in the near future.”

With Kitty Hawk’s Project Heaviside, Falck plans to test and evaluate new technologies on a large scale – with the aim of making emergency healthcare more accessible and affordable. 

Kitty Hawk’s team brings decades of experience to the partnership, from key areas such as commercial aviation, aerospace, automotive engineering, flight test and industrial design. Project Heaviside is designed to be fast, small and exceptionally quiet. The company has built 13 prototypes of the eVTOL aircraft to-date, completing more than 700 test flights.

Sebastian Thrun, Co-Founder and CEO of Kitty Hawk, said: “We are excited to be working with Falck to collaborate on bringing our Heaviside aircraft for emergency services, first in Denmark and then to other areas. Falck is an innovative leader in the area and this agreement marks a first and important step in making eVTOL available to more people.”

Falck expects to introduce Heaviside in a close collaboration with customers in Denmark, Europe followed by the United States.