Horizon Aircraft has completed more than 200 test flights using a sub-scale prototype of its Cavorite X5 hybrid-electric eVTOL aircraft.

The Canadian company has designed, engineered and overseen all testing of the aircraft, and recently acquired by Astro Aerospace last month as it looks to position itself as a leader in the eVTOL market. Astro expects to complete the acquisition of Horizon in April.

Commenting on this latest achievement, Brandon Robinson, co-founder and CEO of Horizon Aircraft, said: “Completing more than 200 test flights is extremely exciting for the entire teams at both Horizon and Astro. Soon, our merged company will have the capital and resources to bring our extensively tested Cavorite to-market, offering urban centers a reliable, comfortable and high-efficiency eVTOL.”

The Cavorite X5 has a patented fan-in wing design, which enables it to be the world’s first eVTOL that can fly the majority of its mission exactly like a normal aircraft. It will travel at speeds of up to 450km/h for a distance of 500km, carrying up to five passengers.

The primary objective for the sub-scale eVTOL prototype test flights is to verify aerodynamics, control systems and transition flight. The Cavorite X5 features fully autonomous self-learning autopilot software and an array of specialized 3D-printed lifting fans in the wings that provide additional thrust for vertical takeoff and landing. For vertical flight, the wing surfaces retract to open its ducted fans before closing again, maximizing the craft’s aerodynamic efficiency.

Astro CEO Bruce Bent added: “The testing of the Cavorite X5’s sub-scale prototype has exemplified to the global eVTOL market that Horizon’s engineered design is the new standard. “The soon-to-be completed acquisition of Horizon is expected to add tremendous value to the combined entity as we move towards the expected commercial launch of the X5 into the growing $46.7 Billion eVTOL aircraft market.”

Robinson spoke to eVTOL Insights about the company’s vision for the market as part of an in-depth interview. He also gave a similar interview, where he spoke in more detail about the acquisition.