LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, whose blank cheque company Reinvent Technology Partners recently merged with Joby Aviation in a joint SPAC deal, will discuss the company’s exciting future on LinkedIn News Live tomorrow (Wednesday).

In a post on the website, Hoffman briefly talks about the background to the merger, his focus on autonomous vehicles and human mobility startups and the vision for Joby in the years to come. He will be talking with Paul Sciarra, Joby’s executive chair, at 10.30am Eastern Time.

JoeBen Bevirt, Founder and CEO of Joby Aviation, and his team have been working on its eVTOL aircraft since 2009, which can complete a 150-mile trip in less than an hour. This video shows how quiet the aircraft is, with Bevirt not even having to raise his voice when talking about his company’s merger.

In his post, Hoffman said: “But Joby’s quest includes even more than the amazing hardware it’s developing. Indeed, what Joby ultimately envisions is a new human mobility network that takes short-hop transit from 2D to 3D. Picture yourself leap-frogging miles of rush-hour gridlock, for the price of a taxi. Eventually, JoeBen’s dream is to eliminate one billion hours of commute time a day.

“That’s why I think of Joby as ‘Tesla meets Uber in the air.’ And that’s why I’m so excited that Reinvent Technology Partners (RTP), the SPAC I co-founded with Mark Pincus and Michael Thompson, has proposed a merger with Joby. It’s a chance to turn science fiction into science fact, in a way that I believe will have massive benefits for human productivity, environmental sustainability, and urban quality of life.

“As Joby’s latest prospective key partner, we at RTP believe a SPAC merger serves Joby’s goals and growth in a number of ways. Our model here at RTP is to deliver ‘venture capital at scale‘. 

“That means we’re both a source of patient capital to the companies we merge with and also function as long-term hands-on advisors, drawing on our own deep networks to help meet the ongoing needs for talent, partners, and additional investment that a company in major scale-up mode requires.”

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