Varon Vehicles has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with PS&S Architecture and Engineering, as it continues to build an impressive list of companies which will help develop an aerial mobility system in Latin America.

The company – led by CEO and founder Felipe Varon – is developing what it describes as a unique and revolutionary type of aerial mobility system called Infrastructure Networks. It aims to generate new connectivity for cities in the region, without the need for physical per-mile construction.

Under this new partnership, PS&S’ team of experienced architects, engineers and environmental scientists will now offer advice, planning, conceptual design – as well as site and building design – and other related services to Varon Vehicles and its vertiport requirements. Varon Vehicles plans to launch its first aerial mobility system in Colombia.

John Sartor, CEO of PS&S and who also leads the company’s Urban Air Mobility Task Force, said: “We are pleased to work with Varon Vehicles as they have developed unique and focused Urban Air Mobility eco-system solutions that will provide much needed community-centered aerial transportation services. Our extensive experience, project approach and capabilities will support Varon Vehicles’ vision of creating aerial passenger and cargo services across and within urban centres”

PS&S set up the Urban Air Mobility Task Force in May 2019 to pursue design opportunities within the aerial transport industry. As well as Sartor, it is also managed by architects Ted Osborne, Jennifer Ganley and Chuck Clauser, who spoke to eVTOL Insights about its work as part of its popular podcast series.

In addition to a staff comprised of architects, interior designers, and the engineering disciplines of civil, survey, structural, mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical personnel, PS&S maintains strong working relationships with a variety of consultants including aerial infrastructure, heliport designers, acoustical engineering, cost estimating, preconstruction services, and related specialties.

Commenting on the new partnership with PS&S, Varon added: “PS&S’s fully integrated design processes provide us with targeted infrastructure solutions that meet the company’s aesthetic, functional and technical imperatives. We are focused on developing attractive, functional, sustainable, efficient, and cost- effective architecture in our communities that meets the needs and vision of our Urban Air Mobility flight operations.

“PS&S’s proven record in the nascent UAM industry and their understanding of urban aviation operations was a major factor in choosing them as a design partner, as we continue to grow our world-class network of partners to provide the highest level of safety and service. We see Urban Air Mobility in its entirety as a new form of mobility infrastructure with which we’re focusing on solving urban problems”.

Varon Vehicles is developing its innovative transportation system with enabling technologies from the next generation of aviation and advanced air mobility, using currently untapped airspace.

It consists of a series of vertiports connected to each other via well-defined low altitude virtual lanes through which their air vehicles will fly, without adding a burden on Air Traffic Control or mixing with traditional aviation.

Varon Vehicles vertiports will be placed both inside and outside existing urban structures to alleviate pressure for city growth, providing transportation services to multiple customers like logistics companies, tourism companies, hospitals, law enforcement, and transportation network companies (TNC’s), for services like air taxis.

The firm has already announced similar partnerships with eVTOL aircraft developer Jaunt Air Mobility and TruWeather Solutions and as part of this latest association with PS&S, it will be provided with a collaborative framework for its vertiport requirements.

eVTOL Insights spoke in more detail with Varon as part of an in-depth interview, which focused on the company’s vision for the region and what challenges lie ahead as it works towards the launch of its first services.