Airio will develop intelligent flight paths for the first eVTOL aircraft services in Italy, as part of a new partnership with Walle Mobility.

This will be done using Airio’s Intelligent Flightpath Navigation System, which consists of sophisticated and proprietary mathematical algorithms to search, evaluate and create paths for every vehicle operating in a shared, low-altitude airspace. It then shares the critical information with the on-board operator, a ground-based fleet manager and other vehicles in the network.

Additionally, each flight path must consider factors like city architecture, ground and sky traffic, vehicle capabilities, weather and even wildlife. Airio’s technology automatically generates flight paths by integrating these types of information into real-time automated flightpath assignments.

“Airio is one of the ideal partners for airspace management.” says Domenico Gagliardi, founder and CEO of Walle Mobility. “Imagine how to best handle not just 10, but 100 aircraft in flight.  Thanks to Airio’s software, we will be able to create intelligent flight paths for our fleet. 

“In fact, the route instructions are provided directly to the aircraft, and are continuously monitored for a precise trajectory self-correction.”

Airio aims to make flightpath routing and scheduling smarter, by building conflict-free flight paths. Each vehicle is assigned a dynamic, independent pathway which helps to reduce the processing dependency on sensor-based avoidance and navigational systems. Pathway instructions are delivered directly to the vehicle, and continuously monitored for precise trajectory auto-correction.

The company recently announced a similar partnership with Varon Vehicles and David Russell, Airio’s CTO, was part of Varon Vehicles’ think tanks about the implementation of urban air mobility in Latin America – which took place last year.

Michael Liquori, CEO of Airio, said: “Airio is excited to join the ecosystem of companies that Walle Mobility has brought together. Domenico and his team have really taken a leadership role in this emerging industry, and their vision for safe, smart and modern urban transportation is truly exciting.”

Walle Mobility’s goal is to specifically target interurban routes within 50km and offer routes as a shuttle transport service via eVTOL aircraft. Its roadmap will see the company mock up a vertiport design later this year, with public demo days starting from 2022-23.

The construction of the first vertiport is planned for 2024, as well as the recruitment and training of the country’s first pilot. The launch of Italy’s first eVTOL aircraft service will then launch a year later in 2025.

It says it wants to radically transform passenger transport in high-density areas and connect strategic points of cities or tourist areas with important traffic nodes such as airports and railway stations. Potential cities of interest include Milan, Naples, Rome, Turin and Venice.

Walle Mobility’s latest agreement with Airio is the second one it has announced in the eVTOL market. Earlier this year, the Italian startup confirmed it will be working with Jaunt Air Mobility to develop the first routes as early as 2026. Jaunt’s Journey eVTOL aircraft will also be used for the first passenger-carrying services. eVTOL Insights also spoke to Walle’s Marco Pugliese in a podcast about the company’s vision for the market.