Iris Automation’s onboard multi-camera detect and avoid (DAA) system, Casia® X, will be available for shipping from May 21st. 

Casia X is the only solution for commercial drones and unpiloted aircraft delivering a full 360° radial detection capability using computer vision technology. Originally introduced as Casia 360, Casia X is an evolution of the Casia product line that offers several significant improvements.

This includes increased probability of detection performance by 7 per cent and a 12X reduction in false detections, based on nearly 16,000 total real-world manned aircraft encounter flight tests.

As well as improved software reliability, there is a new architecture that will support camera configurations from one to six units to provide flexibility in weight and field of view. Finally, a visual aircraft encounter replay tooling and log files to help analyse detections and air risk.

Jason Hardy-Smith, vice president of product at Iris Automation, said: “The response to Casia X has been phenomenal, and we are thrilled to deliver the product into our customers’ hands. We’ve gained significant feedback and experience since we first announced our 360 degree capability, which has been instrumental in shaping its capabilities for this major global market.”

Casia is also being tested as part of several global civil aviation authority programs, including the FAA’s BEYOND program to advance complex BVLOS UAS operations in the US National Airspace System.

As part of the BEYOND Program, Iris has so far partnered with four lead participants – the City of Reno, Kansas Dept of Transportation, University of Alaska Fairbanks (ACUASI) and the Choctaw Nation. Iris had previously partnered with each of these lead participants in the FAA’s UAS Integration Pilot Program (IPP) which concluded in October 2020.

AviSight, a leader in unmanned industrial inspection and advanced data solutions, has partnered with Iris as a Casia X beta user. The company intends to integrate Casia X into its field testing of long linear inspection operations.

William O’Donnell, director of operations at AviSight, said: “Our customers understand that unmanned missions can dramatically enhance efficiencies, reduce costs and improve the overall safety of their infrastructure maintenance and environmental monitoring programs.

“Technologies like Casia provide us with additional layers of safety, helping us advance toward BVLOS operations, in close collaboration with federal regulators invested in safe airspace integration. We are excited to be working with the Iris Automation team.”  

First shipments of Casia X will be prioritised to pre-ordered customers. Limited production slot reservations are still available. Iris Automation will host an informational ask-me-anything session about Casia X’s production availability on April 29th at 11am PT.

You can register at and more information about Casia X is at