With just two days left until the next Final Friday virtual networking event, there’s still time to register your details and hear two industry experts talk about the growing eVTOL market.

More than 100 industry professionals have already confirmed their attendance on April 30th, which will start from 4pm – 5.30pm BST. Following feedback from those who attended March’s session, there will now be 60 minutes of networking and two 15-minute presentations.

Presenting on Friday will be Darrell Swanson, who is a subject matter expert on electric aviation. He will be talking about his Distributed Aviation paper which was published earlier this month by Aerospace Defence Security (ADS) Group. Additionally, he will talk about NASA’s own paper about regional air mobility and the potential to utilise local, federal and state investment in local airports in the United States.

Also speaking at Final Friday will be Mariya Tarabanovska, Co-Founder of Flight Crowd.

Flight Crowd is an open platform which supports the urban air mobility community by bringing together enthusiasts and experts both to educate and to grow the wider public interest in the vertical mobility industry. 

Mariya is an urban air mobility advisor with a strong aerospace engineering background. She will talk about the inclusivity of urban air mobility solutions in all aspects, from design to operations and maintenance, and also touch upon public perception, education and training aspects of the industry.

Individuals who have signed up work for companies such as Archer, SMG Consulting, Vertical Aerospace, Solvay, Collingwood Executive Search, Wisk, P3 Tech Consulting, Transcend Aero, Bellwether Industries, Airio, Walle Mobility, Aviation Safety Resources, LIFT Aircraft, Arup, Skyports, Rolls-Royce, DMD Solutions, Jaunt Air Mobility and Skystations.

Registration for the event is free and will start from 4pm BST, 5pm CET, 12noon EST and 9am PST. To reserve your spot, visit https://social.collab.org.uk/e/evtol-insights-final-friday-virt

Any companies interested in presenting at future Final Friday virtual networking events can email eVTOL Insights Editor Jason Pritchard, at editorial@evtolinsights.com