A map has been created by SMG Consulting which shows cities which have announced the launch of passenger-carrying eVTOL aircraft or urban air mobility services in the near future.

Based on publicly available data, the map includes the year of when services are estimated to begin and the name of the OEM in charge of implementation. This follows the creation of SMG Consulting’s AAM Reality Index, a rating tool which currently lists 16 eVTOL aircraft developers and assesses their progress towards the delivery of a certified product at mass scale production.

Speaking to eVTOL Insights, Sergio Cecutta, Partner at SMG Consulting, said: “We wanted to create a simple, intuitive way to see when and what cities and OEMs have announced upcoming AAM services. We have already updated the map, following a conversation with Lilium, to include their German network.

“We plan to keep the map continuously updated with any new announcement made by cities and/or OEMs.It is our very first step on the way to create a dedicated reality index for the AAM operators.”

Notable examples on the map include Lilium in Florida which announced its plans to set up a vertiport network in the US state with Ferrovial at the start of the year.

As well as Lilium, Archer has also signalled its intention to launch its own urban air mobility network in Florida by 2024, choosing Miami as its second city after Los Angeles.

Outside of the USA, other cities to adopt urban air mobility services include Singapore, which is where German startup Volocopter intends to launch its first passenger-carrying services in by 2023. South Korea is also highlighted on the map, mainly due to the government’s planned road map to accelerate the commercialisation of air taxis in the country as early as 2025.

The country’s public-private consultation company known as ‘Team UAM Korea’ consists of key players in the industry such as Hyundai Motor Group and Hanwha Systems – which has a 30 per cent stake in Overair and currently developing its first electric propulsion system ahead of testing this year.

Announcing its map, the company added: “More and more cities and OEMs are announcing partnerships to launch Advanced Air Mobility services, whether they are urban or intercity. To capture in an easy to read way all this information, we have created a map of all the cities that have announced the launch of AAM services, based on publicly available data. We include the year in which the services will launch as well as the OEM that is launching the service, if available.

“Finally, a GA aircraft icon represents the cities launching an urban air mobility service, while a jet aircraft icon represents the cities launching an intercity air mobility service.”