The Vertical Flight Society will open up the virtual exhibit hall at its upcoming Forum 77 event – scheduled to take place virtually from May 10th to 14th – to the broader vertical flight community for the first time.

The event is the world’s leading international conference on VTOL aircraft technology – with everything from advanced rotorcraft to advanced air mobility.

The Annual Forum is normally a closed event for paying registrants only but — in an effort to help support the global vertical flight industry when the coronavirus pandemic continues to constrain interactions with clients and potential new prospects — VFS has opened up the Forum’s virtual exhibit hall at no charge.

Mike Hirschberg, VFS Executive Director, said: “Every year, the world’s leading VTOL technologists, innovators and leaders come together at the Society’s Annual Forum. The knowledge sharing between industry, academia and government personnel in the presentations and with the exhibitors plays an important role in advancing vertical flight technology.”

The Forum 77 exhibit hall is being held from May 11th to 13th after the technical paper presentations, to maximise the opportunity for everyone in the helicopter / VTOL community to view the virtual exhibits and attend the Exhibit Hall Technical Briefings, which were a big hit last year.

VFS has integrated these 30-minute talks into the overall Forum 77 program this year, covering topics such as advanced composites, aircraft design, autonomous VTOL, avionics, electronics, systems engineering and transmission technology. 

The virtual exhibit hall will feature dozens of VTOL-related companies which will be presenting the latest developments in vertical flight technology, showcasing their advancements in airframe, propulsion, avionics, systems integration, modeling and simulation and electric VTOL technology.

Attendees can review exhibitors’ virtual booths, collect information and interact with exhibitor booth personnel, ask questions and get product demonstrations. The scheduled Exhibitor Technical Briefings provide attendees with a more comprehensive overview of the company’s capabilities and services.

Hirschberg added: “With a virtual exhibit hall, it has sometimes been harder for attendees to learn about cutting-edge developments. These Exhibitor Technical Briefings, however, provide an interactive way for attendees to get the latest information in a clear and concise manner.” 

The 77th Annual Forum and Technology Display includes some 230 technical paper presentations on every discipline from acoustics to unmanned systems, as well as more than 50 VIP speakers from industry and government organisations. This year, up to 1,200 attendees are expected to participate. 

Individuals interested in taking advantage of the free exhibit hall-only registration must register in advance. This free registration does not include access to the Forum 77 technical and special sessions, recordings or proceedings.

For more information about the event, exhibitors and registration rates, visit