Crane Aerospace & Electronics will collaborate with BAE Systems to provide specific expertise on the power management systems for Jaunt Air Mobility’s eVTOL aircraft.

Working with BAE Systems and Jaunt, the company will conduct a series of studies to explore exact power needs to determine an optimum power electronics solution for Jaunt Air Mobility’s developing Advanced Air Mobility platform, which includes its Jaunt Journey.

Ehtisham Siddiqui, Vice President and General Manager of Controls and Avionics Solutions at BAE Systems, said: “BAE Systems is excited to work with Crane A&E to develop power management systems for Jaunt’s AAM platform. This strategic collaboration will leverage the expertise and knowledge of both industry-leading companies to advance energy management solutions for this emerging market.”

Jaunt’s Reduced rotor Operating Speed Aircraft (ROSA) provides a number of advantages. The combination of an electric motor with a large main rotor, and the absence of a tail rotor, offer an ultra-quiet aircraft on the ground as well as in the cabin.

The patented tilting mast allows for LevelFlyTM at all times; providing a smooth, comfortable ride as well as indiscriminate passenger and package loading. Jaunt added that its demonstrators have achieved more than 350 hours of flight time and completed 1,000 take-off and landings.

“Working with BAE Systems, we understand the value that Crane A&E offers. Power management is one of the vital transformative challenges for enabling AAM. These two organisations bring a level of aviation expertise unparalleled in the industry,” added Martin Peryea, CEO of Jaunt. 

Hilary King, Vice President & General Manager of Sensing & Power Solutions at Crane Aerospace & Electronics, said: “Crane A&E is investing in power management technologies that support the transformation to carbon-neutral air travel. We are extremely pleased to collaborate with BAE Systems and Jaunt Air Mobility in advancing the next generation of air mobility.”

Crane A&E has more than 60 years of experience delivering premier power conversion, distribution, motor controls, energy management, and advanced packaging solutions to a robust base of aerospace and defense customers.

Its enabling technology accelerates the electrification of air, land, and sea vehicle systems and, through technology advancements, provides higher power in smaller and more efficient products.