Flight Crowd has published its ‘UAM Explore’ project, which aims to introduce urban air mobility to school students and put the emerging industry into a realistic context.

The resource is targeting children aged between 11 and 14 and consists of a series of posters depicting various operational scenarios for Urban Air Mobility vehicles, such as medical transport and travelling over busy congested roads. eVTOL aircraft shown in the posters include EHang, Joby Aviation, Vertical Aerospace and Volocopter.

Additionally, each poster has a QR code which leads students to an interactive careers quiz that Flight Crowd has designed itself. The quiz enables schoolchildren to explore potential career paths such as engineering, infrastructure design, regulations, business and marketing. There are also advice and insights from key industry professionals, with comments also coming from eVTOL Insights editor Jason Pritchard.

Speaking to eVTOL Insights, Mariya Ilina, Flight Crowd’s Community Outreach Co-ordinator, said: “When I was at school, I would love to have had more exposure to the large variety of new, exciting technology and opportunities within industries. I think that is a powerful way to keep students interested in STEM as well as other, equally important, subjects, as it puts into perspective how what they learn at school is applied to help communities.’’

“With this in mind, we created ‘UAM – Explore’,  an activity introducing school students to Urban Air Mobility (UAM). We wanted to show how UAM will integrate with our world, as well as highlight the future career opportunities in future flight and STE(A)M.”

“By sparking interest and excitement in students, ‘UAM – Explore’ allows them to see how beneficial UAM will be for communities, improving social acceptance for the industry in the long term. We want to prepare bright individuals for the near future with UAM and show that everyone can get involved, regardless of background or abilities. There is a lot to explore within Urban Air Mobility, and Flight Crowd is there to support everyone.”

By clicking ‘Learn More’ on the quiz results pages, students will be taken to Flight Crowd’s ‘UAM – Explore’ webpage, which will include its blog entitled ‘Why Be Passionate About UAM?’.

Additionally, industry professionals can complete a survey where their details will be added to Flight Crowd’s growing database of interviews aimed to inspire future generations.

For more information, visit https://www.flight-crowd.com/