S4 “1.0” Specifications:

Maximum Speed:200 mph (322 km/h)
Range:150 miles (241.4 km)
Propellers:6 tiltrotors, 4 propellers tilt vertically including the entire motor nacelle, 2 propellers tilt vertically with a linkage mechanism
Motors:6 high performance electric motors
Power Source:Lithium-nick-cobalt-manganese-oxide batteries with a cutting-edge battery pack design
Wingspan:35 ft (10.7m)
Length:24 ft (7.3m)
Weight:4,000 lb (1,815 kg)
Windows:Large windows for spectacular views for the passengers
Landing Gear:Tricycle wheel retractable landing gear
Safety Features:Distributed Electric Propulsion (DEP), if one of two motors stop working, the aircraft can make an emergency landing and land safely; redundancy of critical components; can land like an airplane if necessary; has reserve battery power if there is an unexpected delay when landing