SMG Consulting’s Advanced Air Mobility Index, a rating tool which describes the likelihood of an eVTOL aircraft developer certifying its aircraft, entering service and producing thousands of units each year – has been updated with new information.

The latest version includes information gathered since February 2021 about four of the eVTOL aircraft OEMs – Archer, EHang, Lilium and Wisk. Sixteen companies are listed on the tool in total, with Archer and Dufour Aerospace the latest to be included.

Wisk has had its rating increase from 7.0 to 7.5, due to its technology readiness and certification progress, while Archer and EHang have had their ratings lowered – to 6.9 and 7.4 respectively.

Wisk plans to launch the first-of-its-kind transport trial for autonomous eVTOL aircraft in New Zealand later this year, and is teaming up with NASA to create new framework for autonomous passenger flight.

Lilium has moved up to 6.2 from 5.5, due to its certification progress. The company announced its SPAC merger with Qell Acquisition Corp in March, when it also revealed details about its seven-seater Lilium Jet. The aircraft received CRI-A01 certification basis from EASA in 2020.

Sergio Cecutta, Partner at SMG Consulting, clarified to eVTOL Insights that the index did not consider any of the SPAC deals for this latest update, as none of them have closed yet.

When speaking to eVTOL Insights earlier this year about the background behind the AAM Reality Index, he said: “The hope is to demystify a little bit the industry to people who are new to it. While we have seen a lot of strategic investment, there is still a lot of money sitting on the sidelines because they want to better understand what is going on

“One of the ideas behind the index is to provide a little bit of guidance to new entrants in the industry, either an investor or supplier that hasn’t decided whether they want to participate in the industry or not. It gives them an idea of which folks they should start talking to.

“The other hope is that something like this attracts even more interest to the industry and the right players. We want to make sure that we broadcast to the world which companies have the most potential, so the investment goes in the right places.”

As well as the AAM Reality Index, SMG Consulting has also produced a world map which showcases the cities where urban air mobility services are likely to launch and in what year. Notable examples include Los Angeles and Miami in the USA, Singapore and France’s capital, Paris.

For more information about the AAM Reality Index, click here.