Varon Vehicles has created an Urban Air Mobility Names Challenge, which is accepting entries for key elements in the growing industry which hasn’t yet been widely adopted.

The challenge has been powered by Flight Crowd and is seeking names for the aircraft and their on-board operators. Anyone can propose names and vote for favourites, with no deadline in place until a winner is declared.

Felipe Varon, CEO and Founder of Varon Vehicles, said: “Urban Air Mobility is a nascent industry and it is in need for radical new names that define it, that become universal and that stick in perpetuity.

“Names generate industrial cohesion, understanding and orient public imagination in the same direction. Our company is expectant about what these new ubiquitous names will be – the next airplane, the next automobile.”

Commenting on Varon Vehicles’ partnership with Flight Crowd, he added: “Their wide knowledge of aerospace industry, its history and their multiple educational tools and resources are instrumental in the evaluation of Names for the UAM Names Challenge. They will aid in determining eligibility, pre-selection and background of proposed names. Flight Crowd also contributes to the structuring of the specific challenges.”

There is no limit to the amount of names anybody can enter, and pre-selection will happen whenever there are outstanding Names proposed. Pre-selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Originality
  • Soundness, Relevance and Long-Term Applicability
  • Pronunciation in many languages and musicality
  • Public Vote

Pre-selected names will be run by actual advanced air mobility industry partners to sense their overall attraction and acceptance to firmly adopt the Name. Once chosen, the winning name will also be adopted for use by Varon Vehicles and proposed to their broad industry partners ecosystem, media and stakeholders, for wide and generalized adoption.

Winning names will also be included in Flight Crowd’s Urban Air Mobility Glossary, a growing industry effort to compile key Urban Air Mobility terms.

To submit your entries and for more information about the rules and selection criteria, visit

You can also access the links on Flight Crowd’s website, which is