eVTOL Insights’ next virtual networking event – held on the final Friday of the month – will take place on July 30th from 4pm to 5.30pm BST.

Following last Friday’s successful session, which featured presentations from SMG Consulting and Drone Industry Systems Corp., it will once again provide an opportunity for those working in the eVTOL aircraft and urban air mobility markets to virtually network and connect despite current Covid-19 restrictions.

The format will include 30 minutes of networking to start with, with two 15-minute presentations and 30 minutes of networking to finish. Next month’s speakers will be announced soon.

Everyone who attends will receive a PDF document with contact details of those who were also present, as well as a video recording of the two presentations.

In previous events, those who have attended work for companies including Airflow, Airio, Archer, AUTOFLUG, Bellwether Industries, BETA Technologies, Dufour Aerospace, Flight Crowd, Honeywell, Lilium, Solvay and Varon Vehicles.

Registration for the event on July 30th is free and the link to register is below.


Anyone interested in being a speaker at a future event in August and September can email eVTOL Insights editor Jason Pritchard, at editorial@evtolinsights.com