SMG Consulting’s latest AAM Reality Index and Drone Industry Systems’ Vertiport-in-a-Box solution will be the two topics discussed in presentations at eVTOL Insights’ upcoming virtual networking event.

Held on the final Friday of every month, the next one is scheduled for June 25th from 4pm-5.30pm BST and the confirmed speakers will be Sergio Cecutta, Partner at SMG Consulting, and Mike DiCosola, CEO of Drone Industry Systems Corp.

SMG Consulting released the latest version of its AAM Reality Index this week, which includes new ratings for eVTOL aircraft developers Beta Technologies, Bell and Volocopter and the inclusion of Overair and Jaunt Air Mobility. The illustration accompanying the index also includes EHang’s VT-30, Volocopter’s VoloConnect and updated pictures of Vertical Aerospace’s VA-X4 and Jaunt’s Journey aircraft.

Drone Industry Solutions’ Vertiport-in-a-Box solution allows for the end user to choose the recommended service and manufacturer for its specific use case. The infrastructure platform also allows for stakeholders in sectors such as UAS, UAV and eVTOL to have their products and or services at any rooftop or ground waypoint with edge computing, very low latency, and cloud raw data, to be blockchain validated and logged for the participating hardware and software manufacturers.

This allows for the meso, micro, macro, and nano data to be mined, validated, logged, recorded and stored for current or future use, while identifying, mitigating and maintenancing cyber security exposures and memorializing the chain of custody of data driven through it. 

Registration for the virtual networking event is free and you can sign up by clicking on the link below.

Once signed up, you will receive recordings of each presentation and a PDF document with contact details of those attending, to continue networking after the event.

Similar to last month, the format will include 30 minutes of networking and two 15-minute presentations, with a final 30 minutes of networking to finish.

Any companies interested in taking part at one of our virtual networking events as a presenter, can email eVTOL Insights editor Jason Pritchard at