The Community Air Mobility Initiative (CAMI) has concluded its second Urban Air Policy Collaborative (UAPC) Cohort and announced the date of its next one which will take place later this year.

Topics covered in the second UAPC in June included the fundamentals of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), both regional and urban air mobility, social equity considerations, integration of AAM with existing transportation, community and environmental impacts, as well as planning for AAM too.

Fred Judson, UAS Director at the Ohio UAS Center, participated in the June cohort and said: “The Ohio UAS Center has gained practical and insightful information as being part of the CAMI [UAPC] Cohort for the benefits and challenges in building and enhancing a true three-dimensional transportation system called advanced air mobility.

“We look forward to continued collaborative efforts with CAMI and supporting DriveOhio’s FlyOhio AAM incentives through NASA’s AAM Community Planning and Integration Annex in support of the NASA AAM National Campaign.”

CAMI) was founded in July 2019 to support the responsible integration of urban air mobility into communities through education, communication and collaboration. It connects communities and industry by providing resources and education to the decision makers, the public and the media at the state and local level. CAMI is supported by its members, which includes a broad spectrum of stakeholders, and through its programmes.

The next UAPC cohort is scheduled in September 2021, with the deadline for applications set for August 15th. They are open to public agencies interested in advanced air mobility and past cohorts have included staff from departments of transportation, aviation divisions, cities, counties, tribes, states, airports, and transit authorities.

In addition to congratulating the latest UAPC cohort graduates, CAMI has also welcomed Tim Lawton, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for NUAIR, as its newest member. NUAIR currently provides expertise in unmanned aircraft systems operations, aeronautical research and consulting services.

Lawton said: “NUAIR is actively involved with both the FAA and NASA on meaningful projects to shape future aviation, including the development of high-density vertiport operations, as part of NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility initiative.

“We joined CAMI to help bridge the gap between federal and local AAM initiatives, share our expertise in advanced unmanned aircraft operations and educate the general public on the latest AAM advancements.”

Chris Sequeira, Founder and Principal of CJSC LLC, has also joined CAMI as its newest Expert Contributor, while Alex Hall and Audrey Covert has joined as members of the growing team.

Sequeira has helped create and refine some of the most important environmental policies, guidance, and analysis tools in United States Aviation. During his time at the FAA, he developed a number of key community engagement and environmental impact tools and has subsequently gained extensive experience providing environmental analysis and community engagement services to airports of all sizes.

Hall is a long-time Expert Contributor for CAMI and has a wealth of AAM operational experience. She will be expanding her level of involvement with the team and working to build new content and expand member benefits. Covert is a PhD student in Dublin, Ireland, and has years of experience in event organisation, communications, and organisational administration. She will support the CAMI team with a variety of initiatives.

CAMI Co-Founders Executive Director Yolanka Wulff, and Director of Industry and Strategy, Anna Mracek Dietrich, are excited to see the organisation emerge as the preeminent voice educating and empowering state and local decision makers.

Wulff added: “Well-informed, thoughtful plans on how to integrate AAM into our existing transportation landscapes will go a long way to ensuring that this new industry has the maximum possible benefit for the maximum number of people. We’re excited to see this message being so well-received by a growing group of individuals, organisations, and jurisdictions.”

Any companies interested in taking part in CAMI’s next UAPC in September 2021 can email More details on admission and the curriculum are available at