Beacon – EmbraerX’s maintenance and coordination platform – is set to be included in Eve Air Mobility’s portfolio of services and support solutions for the eVTOL market, which uses technology to enable better collaboration and increase the uptime on aircraft.

Beacon was incubated by EmbraerX at the same time as Eve, and will help to connect and synchronise industry resources, the aftermarket supply chain and aviation professionals in a more agile and efficient way to keep aircraft flying.

Eve is working on its own eVTOL aircraft, which has yet to be revealed, but has announced several key partnerships across the world as it works towards commercial launch. These include Halo Aviation in the USA and UK, Helisul Aviation in Brazil, Ascent in Singapore and more recently, Skyports.

Francisco Gomes Neto, president and CEO of Embraer, said: “This initiative highlights an important pillar of our strategic plan as it reinforces the relevance of innovation and diversification for the company’s sustainable growth. Eve and Beacon are bringing new capabilities to the market, creating disruptive solutions for urban air mobility. Initiatives like this drive the future of our business.”

Beacon brings together different stakeholders working on unscheduled interruptions to foster real-time collaboration, and accelerating the return to service of aircraft. By leveraging the startup mindset and Embraer’s experience, Beacon opens a new digital era in aviation services.

It recently announced agreements with ABS Jets and The Mobile Repair Team (MRT), has been creating a position for itself in the digital and agnostic aviation services industry.

By the end of April 2021, Beacon had concluded over 35,000 unscheduled cases by more than 1,000 users. These numbers are expected to grow as the aviation industry recovers from the COVID-19 crisis.

Marco Aurelio Cesarino, Head of Beacon, added: “We are excited about the partnership with Eve. Urban air mobility demands nothing less than 21st century optimised solutions to keep aircraft flying and fulfill cities’ evolving mobility needs. By joining Beacon, Eve will boost its services network potential and ensure agility to solve interruptions for eVTOLs.”

In addition to the aircraft programe, Eve is harnessing the expertise of both Embraer and Atech, a subsidiary of the Embraer Group, in providing globally-recognised air traffic management software to create the solutions that will help safely scale the UAM industry going forward.