Volansi​ has announced Dr. Will Roper as its new Chief Executive Officer, with co-founder Hannan Parvizian becoming the company’s Chief Technology Officer and Product Architect.

Dr. Roper joined Volansi’s board of directors in March 2021 after previously serving as Assistant Secretary of the US Air Force for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics. He oversaw an annual budget of $60 billion and since leaving government at the start of the year, has been an advisor and board member for technology and investment companies.

Commenting on his new role, Dr. Roper said: “As a Volansi board member, I’ve been impressed by the company’s capacity for innovation. The company’s VTOL designs are well-suited for a range of commercial and military applications.

“It felt like a natural fit for me to bring my industry knowledge as well as operations and logistics experience to help create disruptive solutions for the transportation of medium to heavy weight payloads. It’s an exciting opportunity.”

While serving in the Air Force, Dr. Roper was responsible for all research and development, test, production, modernisation, and logistics efforts for the Air Force and Space Force. He was the U.S. government leader in identifying and supporting private sector technology companies to get access to Department of Defense resources.

He led Air Force-wide technology transformations for software development, artificial intelligence, and digital engineering and also initiated high-tech programs for hypersonic weapons, autonomous drones, and a militarised Internet of Things. This was all while overseeing the day-to-day logistics of more than 5,000 military aircraft and support systems. 

Parvizian said: “At Volansi, we are very proud of having assembled a world-class team and demonstrated a track record of technical excellence in design, test, and production.

“Attracting Dr. Roper, first to our Board of Directors and now as CEO, will help us surpass even our most ambitious goals. I look forward to working alongside him in my new role as the new Chief Technology Officer and Product Architect to set the vision and strategic direction for the company’s future.”

Volansi provides fast, on-demand aerial delivery services for time-critical shipments over long ranges. It builds and operate autonomous long-range, medium-to-heavyweight payload drones for commercial, federal, and humanitarian applications.

In October 2020, it announced it was collaborating with multinational pharmaceutical company Merck and Vidant Health on a commercial healthcare drone delivery service project in North Carolina.

And earlier this year, Volansi partnered with three of the nine participants in the Federal Aviation Administration’s BEYOND program, to accelerate the integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into the National Airspace System (NAS).