Microsoft Flight Simulator has partnered with Volocopter and integrated the German startup’s VoloCity eVTOL into the game, which will allow players to immerse themselves in a flight in cities across the world.

Released earlier this year on PC and Xbox Series X/S, the game allows you to travel in amazing detail, with more than 37,000 airports, two million cities, 1.5 billion buildings, real mountains, roads, rivers, trees, animals and traffic.

The VoloCity is scheduled to be available from November 2021 and commenting on the announcement on its LinkedIn page, Volocopter said: “Having the VoloCity be part of this ultra-realistic simulator is an unconventional, but effective way of raising awareness of this new kind of mobility we are bringing to cities around the world.

“It will help people picture what our cities will look like with electric air taxis and gives an impression of how smooth VoloCitys will fly.”