eVTOL aircraft developers will join industry professionals from airports, cities and civil aviation authorities at London Heathrow’s Hilton Hotel for the AIRTAXI World Congress next month, as the world starts to resume face-to-face networking events for the first time in more than 12 months.

Organised by Global Travel Investments, AIRTAXI World Congress will take place from October 12th-14th and is described as the world’s first vertical air show dedicated for the air taxis and urban eVTOL aircraft.

Over the two days, there will be main stage presentation sessions which includes specific workshops, panel and roundtable discussions and spotlights on particular areas in the world which could be the first to adopt urban air mobility services.

There will also be separate rooms available for companies to promote their products and services, as well as a virtual vertical airshow where eVTOL aircraft developers can showcase their technologies in a 3D setup. Additionally, an outdoor presentation has also been planned with more details to be announced closer to the event.

Companies already attending include Airbus, Volocopter, EHang, Vertical Aerospace, EASA, Honeywell, Roland Berger, EmbraerX, Eve Air Mobility and Skyports.

The Master of Ceremony for AIRTAXI World Congress will be Ian Kiely, who is an award-winning UAV specialist and developer with a particular interest in air taxis, eVTOL and drone connectivity. He was recently an adjudicator for the Galileo Masters and is working with the EU on the future of drone technologies.

On the first day, Kiely will set the scene on the industry with a focus on airtaxis, unmanned traffic management (UTM) systems and the connectivity and space needed for a seamless transport system. Drone manufacturers and UTM developers will then talk about the current challenges and solutions, before key regulators from EASA will provide a workshop entitled ‘Regulation to support eVTOL aircraft’.

The final session before the first networking break is called ‘How do we design the Cities’, which focuses on how urban areas are designed in relation to vertiports. It will also look at how airlines and airports can get onboard with implementing vertiports, and how they will help with parking for passengers before boarding a flight.

The conversation about vertiports will then continue with Duncan Walker, CEO of Skyports, who talks about infrastructure requirements, testing the safety and security procedures, noise levels, vehicles and passengers’ processing. He will also go into detail about the practical deployment of eVTOL aircraft vertiports to enable the industry to grow, and the trade-offs between vertiport design and functionality for the purposes of cost-effectiveness and deliverability.

Managing the airspace for eVTOLs and making all airspace users happy is the topic of the next presentation, which will be delivered by NATS, the UK’s leading provider of air traffic control services. There will be a roundtable workshop featuring stakeholders on the ground, such as regulators and UTM managers, before Dubai’s Civil Aviation Authority and Roads and Transport Authority will provide a spotlight on the country.

This will include talking about its current regulations to support eVTOL aircraft, the infrastructure implications and impact on city/land planning and what strategies, testing and validation needs to be undertaken by local officials, airports, businesses, developers and urban planners.

Following this will be a spotlight on Singapore, which will focus on the Smart Nation Digital Government Group policies, implementation of projects for the city-state and discussion of factors of flying taxis for urban Singapore and what lessons have been learnt.

The final session of day one will be panel discussion featuring representatives from Groupe ADP. They will talk about airport’s eVTOL integrations, which will include questions such as: What eVTOL aircraft will add to airport operations, do we allow for multiple landing sites on one airport and does the airport invest in the development or it is left to the operators?

Other points raised will be the integration of the operation network and airspace management as well as ground infrastructure and passengers and operators’ services, accommodating multiple types of aircraft with varying performance capabilities and ensuring UAM operations have no impact on the existing airport flow.

On the second day the first presentation will be from What3words, which will be how to identify landing sights and build in passenger drone communications into UTM systems. There will also be a presentation about the environment considerations before a spotlight on Ireland, with case studies on Dublin and Manna.aero.

Altitude Angel will then talk about managing drone maps in cities and how they will be integrated into UTM systems. There will be the opportunity to hear more from eVTOL OEMs about their future plans and current progress of their own aircraft, as well as a discussion with major automotive manufacturers to discuss the mathematics of building cars versus air taxis.

The final presentation of day two will be addressing the unknowns; answering questions such as whether the use of eVTOL aircraft create sustainable business models going forward, whether they will replace helicopters and become a mass transportation system.

On day three, there will be a live demonstration of an air taxi flight at the test site. No details have yet been revealed about the identity of the manufacturer.

Registration as a delegate will cost £1,499. This includes access to the three-day programme and the air taxi demo, all presentations via USB, the ability to schedule pre-arranged meetings, networking reception and exclusive hospitality. For sponsorship, it will cost £2,999 and included will be a demonstration stand, a 15-minute breakout presentation, company literature in delegate packs and pop-up banners in the summit hall.

As well as AIRTAXI World Congress, Global Travel Investments also organises Airline Networking and GTI Aviation Training.

For more information about the event, speakers and agenda, visit https://www.airtaxiworldcongress.com/