Skyports and LAZ Parking, one of the largest parking companies in the United States, have announced a partnership agreement to develop and deploy vertiports for electric air taxis in Los Angeles.

Through the partnership, Skyports and LAZ will develop vertiports supporting passenger air taxi operations at locations across the region.

LAZ is actively deploying new technologies that will transform traditional parking locations into multi-modal transportation hubs, connecting people to places more efficiently and sustainably.

While Skyports is leading the way in advanced air mobility infrastructure and will integrate its operational know-how, design expertise, and partnerships with world-class vehicle manufacturers and operators to build a network of vertiports across Los Angeles. The city is one of the world’s most congested in terms of traffic.

Addison Ferrell, Head of Americas for Skyports, said: “We’re excited to be working with LAZ Parking to deploy take-off and landing sites for electric air taxis, first in Los Angeles, followed by the rest of the U.S. “Our partnership with LAZ enables us to leverage their extensive portfolio of facilities for vertiport development, creating value for LAZ customers, partners, and communities.

“LAZ is an ideal partner for Skyports because it has operated in the area for many years, and with that comes strong partnerships and a deep understanding of the mobility landscape.”

The vertiports will enable quiet, efficient, zero-carbon emission air taxi passenger services that provide a new, green and clean transportation alternative to residents and visitors.

Working closely with regulatory bodies and in consultation with local stakeholders, Skyports adheres to design and operational principles that prioritise safety, connectivity and accessibility, and reflect the needs of the communities it serves.

LAZ is a recognized pioneer in the parking industry for the integration of technology into parking operations and for a range of innovative IT solutions, such as remote monitoring, eCommerce services, and Proximity On-Demand Services, or PODS.

Alan Lazowski, Chairman and CEO of LAZ Parking, added: “This partnership with Skyports is both an acknowledgement of LAZ’s leadership in the area of technology and a recognition of our excellence in both traditional and tech-enabled parking and last-mile mobility solutions.

“We are honoured and excited to be partnering on the implementation of this cutting edge service with Skyports, a company as committed to innovation, sustainability, and customer service as we are at LAZ.”

In addition to Skyports working in LA, Archer announced earlier this year that it will work with REEF, the largest operator of mobility and logistics hubs in the USA, to develop plans for urban takeoff and landing sites for its eVTOL aircraft in some of the country’s most densely populated cities, which includes Archer’s launch markets in Miami and Los Angeles.

Additionally, Volocopter is working with Urban Movement Labs (UML) to explore the application of its urban air mobility (UAM) solutions in the Los Angeles region.

As part of Volocopter’s US market campaign, the company attended CoMotion LA last week for the public to learn more about this new mode of urban transportation.