Urban air mobility startup Skyroads – formerly D3 Technologies AG – has completed the first successful flight demonstration of its Traffic Management System prototype.

The company is developing its Skyroads System, which enables advanced air mobility to scale safely and efficiently. It automatically manages passenger and cargo drones in urban airspace and as an integrated platform it also opens up new opportunities for business and service providers.

Testing of the prototype was conducted in Tannheim, Germany, which showcased the on-board flight guarding system or Bluebox, which communicates with the drone’s flight control computer and the ground system via a cellular network.

The ground system then plans the flight routes with the help of a map utility, which acts as a user interface for entering flight route data. The test case also demonstrated how the system automatically assigns alternative landing pads in the case of randomly simulated emergencies.

The prototype uses a unified cloud database, the Skyroads Data Hub, which is accessed by both the Ground- and Airborne-Segments of the System and assures consistent data across all system components.

Skyroads CEO, Corvin Huber, said: “Since our founding in 2019, we have been working on building the roads of the sky as D3 Technologies. Our team of top engineers and business developers, realised product development milestones well ahead of schedule and has built valuable strategic partnerships.

“With the new name of Skyroads, our upcoming growth can utilise a brand identity that reflects the fundamental need for and aspiration of our technology for urban mobility.”

Skyroads has already built strategic partnerships with other companies in the urban air mobility space, including Manta Aircraft, Flynow Aviation, Walle Mobilty, CAPS, Deep Blue Aviation, Amazilia Aerospace, Lehrstuhl für Flugsysystemdynamik of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and Varon Vehicles.

As a conceptual leader for Air Traffic Management, Skyroads also became a member of the Canadian Advanced Air Mobilty Consortium (CAAM).

Under its new name, Skyroads is now heading for Series A financing round, which will see the Skyroads System installed in a unique Flight Test Area and used by a number of Air Vehicle Developers. 

Huber was a recent guest on the eVTOL Insights Podcast and you can also hear more about Skyroads’ vision for the market by clicking here.