Submitted by Dawn Zoldi (Colonel, USAF Ret.)

Talyn Air has kicked off the new year by announcing two new advisory board members who will be integral in continuing its upward journey.

The company is creating a unique eVTOL aircraft inspired by the 2-stage rocket design, with plans to fly cargo and passengers door-to-door between cities in half the time as traditional transportation.

Talyn scored big wins with the US Air Force (USAF) in 2021 and has followed these up by confirming Blake Scholl, founder and CEO of Denver-based Boom Supersonic, the company building the Mach 1.7 Overture supersonic airliner, and Mark ‘Forger’ Stucky, who will provide additional expertise to Talyn.

Co-founded by Jamie Gull and Evan Mucasey, former SpaceX engineers who spent over a decade combined developing the Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft, Talyn’s two-vehicle 100 per cent electric system involves a Lift vehicle, which carries a Cruise vehicle to altitude on the front end and then pairs up to descend on the back end.

The team is developing aircraft that will haul 1,000 lbs of payload 350 miles at speeds over 200 miles per hour. Eventually, up to five passengers will be able to zip between regional hubs at the same speeds and without the hassles associated with airports.

Under Scholl’s leadership, Boom has raised more than $300 million in venture capital, attracted orders and pre-orders from major airlines, and is on track to carry passengers using 100% sustainable aviation fuel by 2029.

Commenting on working with Talyn, Scholl said: “I believe in removing barriers to travel, and Talyn’s innovative approach to accelerating regional transportation promises to offer significantly improved door-to-door travel times—empowering people to connect and experience more of what Earth has to offer.” 

Stucky is a commercial astronaut and test pilot, with a long list of accomplishments including substantial time as a Marine Corps fighter and test pilot, Air Force test pilot, NASA research pilot, United Airlines pilot, engineering test pilot for Scaled Composites and Director of Flight Test and Lead Test Pilot for Virgin Galactic. At Scaled, he test piloted the SpaceShipTwo, WhiteKnightTwo, Proteus, and multiple other aircraft.

Stucky is excited to work with Talyn on additional testing of their prototypes. He believes the road to the Jetson-like future that we’ve dreamt of for years depends on eVTOL technologies, saying: “While other eVTOL aircraft promise intracity transportation, Talyn’s patented approach is a game-changer that enables intrastate eVTOL transportation to your destination! I am thrilled to be advising such an august team.”

In December 2021, Gull and Mucasey led the company to accomplish a major milestone towards proving out runway-free military operations for the U.S. Department of Defense. As part of a $1 million USAF AFWERX Direct to Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) 2-year contract award, they successfully demonstrated in-flight deployment of a mil-spec prototype, through which they aim to revolutionize battlefield logistics.

Now, Talyn continues to make significant moves with its aircraft in both civil and military sectors, with the expert input assistance of additional advisors.

The team is building full-scale prototypes while simultaneously, creating a Rapid Aircraft Design Development Tool & Digital Twin as part of an awarded Direct to Phase II USAF contract. Digital twins are virtual 3D representations that can be used to run accurate simulations allowing Talyn to iterate on their highly complex systems.

This tool serves many purposes. Among other things, it will be valuable to the USAF to expedite the pace of successful testing flights by which Talyn’s vehicles will achieve airworthiness certification.