Our next podcast episode is now live! This time, we were delighted to be joined by Eric Allison, Head of Product at Joby Aviation.

With Joby working towards a commercial ride-sharing service launch by 2024, Eric recaps on the numerous milestones the company has already achieved this year and tell us which one he is most proud of and why. We talk about the work Joby is doing to bring its aircraft up close with the public and contribute to the societal acceptance angle, as well as the multiple partnerships it has signed with the likes of REEF, SK Telecom and ANA Holdings.

Eric also talks about the work Joby is doing with NASA on noise footprint and, due to popular demand, he answers some of your questions! Thank you to everyone who sent one in. Due to timescales, we couldn’t ask every one, but definitely plan to welcome Eric back for another episode in future.

Click on the Play button below to listen to the episode, which is also on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.