Skyroads is creating a system that will enable fully-automated passenger and cargo drones to fly over populated urban areas, with SKYBOT-CAM as the first product iteration for Skyroads’ infrastructure in the sky. 

SKYBOT-CAM is an early application of the later aviation-type, certified solution which Skyroads says will pave the way to the automated transport of people and heavy goods.

It will deliver broadcast imagery of SailGP’s events by replacing helicopters, and will combine high payload drones and professional broadcast, gyro stabilised camera systems with live video, audio and data downlinks. Skyroads will leverage its fail-safe, automated flight guidance system and multi-vehicle fleet to create new content at a cost point comparable to helicopter operation, while reducing carbon and noise emissions.

SKYBOT-CAM will be introduced at SailGP to facilitate and support the test operation, and after first implementation at SailGP in 2024, will become available for all public events to be used with SailGP’s Augmented reality LiveLineFX.

Achim Kostron, CCO, Skyroads said: “Our SKYBOT-CAM System is an excellent way to implement early applications of our later aviation-type, certified self-flying-system. We are delighted to embark on this project with the most respected partners in their field, Riedel and SailGP.” 

In November 2021, Skyroads joined Supernal’s Airspace Management Consortium, to serve as a resource for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) to shape common operating and design standards that support industry development.

Skyroads also completed the first successful flight demonstration of its Traffic Management System prototype, conducted in Tannheim, Germany, to showcase the on-board flight guarding system or Bluebox, which communicates with the drone’s flight control computer and the ground system via a cellular network.

Warren Jones, Director of Technology at SailGP, added: “Today’s professional airborne broadcast camera systems are mainly helicopter based and require enormous organisational, technical, and budgetary effort for a platform that is unsustainable in the long run.

“SailGP Technologies stands for innovation in sustainable sports under the slogan ‘Better Sport – Better Future’ and it is partnerships with companies like Riedel and Skyroads that allow us to achieve this.”

Riedel Group CEO and Founder Thomas Riedel, said: “We are joining forces with Skyroads and SailGP Technologies to take sustainability and safety to a new level, and provide even more spectacular images from the pinnacle of sail racing. 

“This strategic partnership reflects our commitment and vision to enhance innovation in order to create future-oriented formats.”

Skyroads AG was founded in 2019 by CEO Corvin Huber and a pioneering team of entrepreneurs, engineers and industry experts who are united by one goal: Make flying accessible for everyone. 

The startup is developing an Automated Airspace Management and Vehicle Guidance System (AAVS) to manage passenger and cargo drones in the demanding environment over densely populated metropolitan areas. AAVS enables Urban Air Mobility to scale safely and efficiently by opening a certifiable pathway to automation.

Additionally, Skyroads published its second white paper which seeks to address the issue of autonomy for the development of advanced air mobility.