The Canadian Advanced Air Mobility consortium (CAAM) and the Centre for Advanced Research and Training in Aviation, Mobility and Space (CARTAMS) have announced a partnership to build an aviation, mobility and space (AMS) ecosystem. 

The CAAM-CARTAMS partnership aims to leverage the existing synergy between the two organisations to unify their respective networks of industry, government, and academia partners to build a dynamic ecosystem that fosters AMS innovation, invention, education and outreach. 

“CAAM has been working hard to organise dozens of groups from industry, academia, and government around regional revenue generating use cases which are supported by a national strategy to rapidly unlock the safe development of this industry,” said JR Hammond, Executive Director of CAAM. 

“We have always known that our structure and goals would make it difficult to play a large role in coordinating the research and talent development needed for the industry to grow safely alongside other global leaders.” 

Rapidly emerging and converging technologies, an ever-present need for workers with transportable skills, and a fluid international marketplace is translating into a critical need to fast-track Canada’s evolving AMS sector, if it is to retain its top seven global ranking in aviation and aerospace design and production. 

This sector provides more than 200,000 well-paying jobs and contributes more than C$25 billion to its GDP. Advanced Air Mobility will add a significant number of jobs and businesses to the Canadian economy in the years to come. 

In December 2020, CAAM named Toronto and the Ontario region as its second launch market after Vancouver. 

An important first initiative of the newly formed partnership is a cross-sectoral study to catalogue and better understand the current state of the AMS ecosystem in Canada and provide a foundation for developing a 5-year AMS road map. 

A key component of the study will be to assess how each AMS vertical works with each other today, then identify gaps, areas for improvement and opportunities to inform the CAAMS-CARTAMS AMS road map. 

CARTAMS is a Canadian not-for-profit focused on building a national sectoral network and supercomputing digital infrastructure anchored by a state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary center of excellence located on the grounds of the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa.

It will be a major player in evolving Canada’s AMS ecosystem by driving innovation, education, and training across the country through data creation, visualisation, application, and knowledge translation. CARTAMS will consist of three distinct, but cross-integrated directorates – Digital Lab and Infrastructure, Education and Training, and Outreach and Awareness – that use a shared technology and administrative infrastructure for cost-effectiveness and economy of scale. You can read their latest white paper by clicking here.

Chris Kitzan, Director General of the Canada Aviation and Space Museum – a founding partner of CARTAMS – said: “By working together, we will help Canada build a new AMS ecosystem for Canadians that is powered by Canadians, that overcomes frequent barriers to innovation between industry, government, and academia. 

“That will inspire and engage the next generation of AMS thinkers and doers to ensure Canada keeps its leadership position in the aviation, mobility and space sectors for years to come.”