AIR has announced a partnership with Aeroauto Aeromall to assist with the 2024 rollout of its inaugural flying vehicle for personal ownership, Air One.

The company unveiled a full-scale prototype at the Kentucky Derby, where it hosted celebrities and VIPs, who were able to sit inside the sporty aircraft and experience virtual flight with AIR’s simulation technology. 

AIR also announced a partnership with Aeroauto, said to be the World’s First Aeromall, to establish a specialised Urban Air Mobility (UAM) vehicle showroom in Palm Beach County, Florida. 

Air One is capable of taking off and landing on any flat surface, offers a range of 177 km on a single charge at speeds up to 250 km/h, and with collapsible wings, it can be stored in most garages, driveways, and is suitable for trailer hauls.

CEO and Co-founder of AIR Rani Plaut said: “Alongside Aeroauto, the trailblazers we met at the Derby will play a crucial role in gaining public acceptance of personal eVTOLs.”

Aeroauto will assist in local infrastructure establishment for personal EV aviation and serve as a maintenance provider, while Air One customers will also have access to Aeroauto Flight Academy, equipped with flight simulators and classroom learning.

CEO of Aeroauto Sean Borman added: “It is a great honour to become the world’s first specialised UAM vehicle showroom, and AIR’s advanced technology will be a great asset to the personal transportation industry as a whole.” 

AIR has completed a successful drop test and finalised the first stage of the power and communication system integration. 

The company will begin hover testing shortly, working closely with the FAA to finalise its application for Step 2 of the G1 Certification Basis Document.

Built by veterans of the automotive and aerospace industries, AIR merges aerospace innovation and excellence with the maturity of the automotive industry’s products and manufacturing techniques, providing safety, comfort and a sense of adventure to everyday users. 

Rani Plaut, CEO and Co-founder of AIR, and Sean Borman, CEO of Aeroauto, at the Kentucky Derby