Blade Air Mobility is to acquire three urban air mobility operators in Europe – Monacair, Héli Sécurité and another helicopter operator in the South of France – which generated an aggregate of €30 million in revenues while flying approximately 125,000 passengers in 2019.

It will also develop branded passenger terminals at multiple airports and vertiports in France, Monaco and Switzerland, with charter revenues and flight hours approximately 30% above the same period in 2019, with strong post-pandemic recovery in travel to the region.

Monacair’s CEO Damien Mazaudier will join Blade Europe’s Executive Director Sabrina Barbera, and Blade Europe’s Executive Vice President of Business Development Anne-Pascale Guedon, to oversee the transition of passenger businesses to Blade.

Blade CEO Rob Wiesenthal said: “Blade has now amassed what we believe to be the most valuable routes in the world, adding a formidable presence in Europe to our existing operations across the greater New York area, Vancouver and India.”

Monacair Co-Founder Marco Casiraghi said: “With Monacair’s strong operating history, Blade’s powerful global platform, technology and brand is an unbeatable combination that will boost urban air mobility in Europe.

“We look forward to the European launch of Blade’s commercial services at the Monaco Grand Prix this month, now available for purchase on the Blade app for $220 per seat.”

Blade president Melissa Tomkiel added: “Given the short distances, these routes serve as perfect cases for quiet and emission-free electric vertical aircraft (EVA), and our European expansion would not be possible without these trusted operating partners who have safely and profitably flown hundreds of thousands of passengers for over 30 years.”

Blade chief financial officer Will Heyburn said: “These acquisitions should contribute free cash flow from day one, accelerating our timeline to profitability while generating a great return on investment today that will only be enhanced by the future introduction of EVA.”

Last December, Blade Air Mobility paid Helijet $12 million to acquire the exclusive rights to offer scheduled helicopter flights operated in Canada and across the US Pacific Northwest region, with plans to incorporate eVTOL aircraft on routes.

In June last year, Eve Air Mobility announced it would provide Blade Air Mobility with 60,000 hours of flight time per year using its eVTOL aircraft across Southern Florida and the West Coast of the USA from 2026, with plans to deploy up to 60 aircraft together with local partners for Blade’s use throughout the United States.