eVTOL Insights will be attending MOVE 2022 at London’s ExCeL from June 15th – 16th, where Executive Editor Jason Pritchard will moderate a panel on how Advanced Air Mobility can be integrated into connected transport.

MOVE is a specialised and focused event dedicated to mobility, not an add on to a tech or electronics show. It will feature more than 600 speakers, 5,000 attendees, over 350 exhibitors, 250 startups, 33 conference stages, interactive roundtables and peer-to-peer networking.

It is where disruptive technology and innovation drive change with OEMs, transport operators, tech companies, energy companies, fast-growing startups and policymakers gathering to discover next generation technologies being brought into the marketplace.

As part of this year’s event, MOVE has created an AIR + Water section, with presentations and panels to add more detail to emerging technologies such as eVTOL aircraft. It will start on June 16th from 11.05am, with Andy Wall, Countries Manager at PAV-V Flying Cars, giving a 25-minute presentation entitled ‘Regulation and Certification: How far are we from an eVTOL World?’. Kai-Tse Lin, co-founder and Chief of Operations at Bellwether Industries, will then talk at 11.30am about ‘An elevation of dimension and culture to day-to-day mobility’.

From 11.55am – 12.20pm, Yasuhio Soshino, Director of the International Medical Relief Department at Japanese Red Cross Kumamoto Hospital will give a presentation called ‘The Ambulance Drone Project: How drones can save rural areas in case of natural disasters.

Jason will then moderate the first panel, which is between 12.20pm and 2.30pm, with Tim Johnson, Policy and Strategy Director at the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority, Sam Morrissey, Executive Director at Urban Movement Labs and Andrew Chadwick, Aviation Technology Innovation Lead at Connected Places Catapult.

This panel will be followed by another session which will be called ‘Vertiports: Creating the infrastructure for eVTOL transport’. It will feature Alex McCord, Vertiport Planning Lead at Skyports and Martin Reeves, Chief Executive of Coventry City Council, with Jeremy Kahn, Senior Writer at Fortune, moderating.

The final sessions, which are from 3.20pm – 4.20pm will move to the ground and focus on water transport, starting with a panel discussing the future of public travel on water, to presentations on building the UK’s first hybrid high-speed passenger ferries and hydrofoil boats, with the route to net-zero mass transportation.

Other sections of MOVE include Electric Cars, where the automotive industry’s giants will debate what the future holds for the personal electric vehicle. The modern automotive supply chain is being reshaped to unblock bottlenecks and ensure lasting strength and resilience.

The latest in cutting-edge transport technology will be featured, including data analytics, start-up programmes and city and OEM innovation strategies. The Autonomous Vehicles track will showcase progress from level 3 autonomy to levels 4 and 5.

The mapping track will discuss latest advances in data collection, mapping and digital twins. Mobility as a Service (MaaS) will cover how cities are working with technology providers to interconnect transport modes.

Business models will help understanding of how more dynamic partnerships can be formed in the light of changing mobility ownership structures. The issues surrounding new mobility insurance will be highlighted at the regulatory landscape.

Energy and charging will focus on how cities and energy companies are partnering to drive the surge of EV infrastructure around the world, as well as wireless and pop up charging and electric roads.

Delegates will hear how new battery chemistries and materials are driving lighter and longer lasting batteries. They will also hear how biofuels, hydrogen and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) are contributing to a clean energy future.

They will also hear best-in-class case studies of new transport planning, digital highways and hubs and smart infrastructure design. They will see leading innovations in traffic management, enforcement, artificial intelligence (AI) and smart signage.

Global smart city leaders will discuss their latest mobility projects and how they ensure citizens buy in. They will also hear how cycling and active mobility leaders are riding this momentum to drive change.

MaaS providers will feature the world’s most innovative bus strategies and technology, while the crucial role of metro rail will be with infrastructure, multimodal partnerships and improved passenger flow.

Ticketing, revenue and payments will be designed for multimodal transport, while used cars have become the next e-commerce battleground, with car rental companies, dealerships and online retailers carving out their place.

Delegates will hear the latest in electric and hydrogen fuel cell trucks, dynamic routing, autonomous technology and ‘platooning’. Fleet and delivery leaders will discuss how electrification, route optimisation and smart deliveries are reducing emissions and congestion.

As part of our involvement at MOVE, we are able to offering 10 free tickets to the event. Anyone interested can email Jason at editorial@evtolinsights.com. This will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

For more information about Move, visit https://www.terrapinn.com/exhibition/move/index.stm