Japanese firm Kanematsu has launched the Hyogo Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Laboratory by working with university and high school students in partnership with Chuo Fukken Consultants, Pasona Group, and Buzzport.

The Hyogo Advanced Air Mobility (HAAM) partnership agreement was signed to develop initiatives for regional revitalisation through the promotion of an AAM laboratory at Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture.

The parties signed an agreement to cooperate on human resources and tourism in the following areas:
1) Regional revitalisation
2) Tourism development
3) Mentoring high school and university students on research activities and implementing related collaborative activities
4) Activities for increasing public acceptance to the social implementation of AAM
5) Other activities for increasing resident convenience and driving community revitalisation through AAM

HAAM aims to become a future-oriented think-tank that approaches AAM from the user’s perspective, working together with the younger generation to explore the sky of the future.

The laboratory aims to increase public acceptance by sharing the proposals it has developed, and by serving as a hub for nurturing young laboratory members to drive the AAM industry forward.

Initiatives include the operation of a virtual laboratory, an AAM seminar for university students and an AAM division in a next tourism contest, ‘Kanko Kohshien’.

HAAM plans to build a virtual space where laboratory members and stakeholders may share information accumulated, and the knowledge and ideas discussed within the space.

The AAM seminar will be offered to university students who attend university at the Hyogo Prefecture, who have interest in tourism and regional revitalisation, and who want to learn about utilising AAM.

In this inter-college seminar, students will participate in project internships and conduct surveys and research on the social implementation of AAM from a tourism and regional revitalisation perspective.

The laboratory plans to establish an AAM division in a Kanko Koshien tourism contest based on a nationwide network of high schools, when contestants will present plans for projects to solve local social issues and promote tourism.

After the preliminary round and semi-finals, the finals will be held in February 2023 to determine the grand prize and runner-up teams.

Going forward, the five parties will share their knowledge, experience and resources to promote collaborative public-private initiatives and facilitate social implementation of AAM in Hyogo Prefecture.

In March, Skyports raised $23 million in partnership with Kanematsu and other investors for infrastructure development, where Kanematsu will take a seat on the Skyports board.

In April last year, Skyports has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Kanematsu to operate passenger and cargo AAM services, with a focus on vertiport infrastructure and joint research.