Our next podcast episode is now live! We were delighted to welcome Cary Bryczek, Director of Solutions for A&D at Jama Software.

Cary is a member of the International Counsel on Systems Engineering MBSE initiative, certified Configuration Management Professional (CM2-P), and member of the Women in Aerospace organisation.

She is focused on helping companies utilise their data and digital capabilities to deliver aerospace and defense systems and services effectively. Her background has spanned both government civilian, defense contractor and software vendor roles. 

At Jama she has helped lead the company in Systems Engineering and Model-Based Systems Engineering domain expertise, as well as Sales to help make Jama Connect a globally-recognised ALM platform.

During our conversation, we talk about Jama’s role in the eVTOL aircraft market, how it can help companies with the certification process and some of the work it has been doing this year.

Click on the Play button below to listen to the episode, which is also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.