EHang announced this week it has entered into a collaboration agreement with ENAIRE, Spain’s national air navigation services provider and future provider of common information services for U-Space airspace, to promote research, development and innovation in the fields of U-Space and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) in Spain and Europe, reports a press release. 

The companies aim to collaborate on ‘National and International Innovation Initiatives’ covering the development of AAV operations for U-Space and UAM in Spain and Europe. The collaboration will also contribute to the digital and technological development for the provision of general aeronautical services. 

Victoria Xiang, COO of EHang Europe and Latin America, explained, “Through this collaboration, EHang seeks to support the development and implementation of new digital technologies for the integration of AAVs, and the implementation of a safe, sustainable and efficient UAM.”

María Luz de Mateo, Business Development Director at ENAIRE and responsible for U-Space, added, “This collaboration is an example of ENAIRE’s commitment to the industry and promoting the development and early deployment of U-Space services and Urban Air Mobility in Spain.”


ENAIRE is the national air navigation services provider in Spain. Part of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (MITMA), it provides en-route control services for all flights and overflights through five control centres in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Gran Canaria and Palma, as well as for the approaches to all the airports in the country.

In addition, 45 air control towers receive communication, navigation and surveillance services from ENAIRE and 21 airports use its aerodrome control services, including those with the highest traffic in the country.

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ENAIRE is the fourth European air traffic manager. Since the start of this year, it has chaired the A6 Alliance, a coalition for the modernisation of the air traffic management system of air navigation services providers responsible for more than 80 percent of European air traffic. ENAIRE is also a member of other international alliances for the promotion of the single European sky such as SESAR Joint Undertaking, SESAR Deployment Manager, iTEC, CANSO and ICAO.

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