Eve Holding and Falcon Aviation Services, a leading Business Aviation Services operator in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, have signed a letter of intent for up to 35 eVTOL aircraft, with deliveries expected to start in 2026

The partnership will introduce the first eVTOL tourist flights from the Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai, working with the local stakeholders and authorities to support Urban Air Mobility (UAM) for the UAE.

Falcon chief operating officer Captain Ramandeep Oberoi said: “We are partnering with Eve to be the first operator of eVTOL in Dubai and the MENA region.

“Falcon is actively engaged in Urban Air Mobility and committed to delivering new sustainable transportation and we are particularly proud to take a new step in the UAE in a project that will revolutionise sustainable urban mobility.”

Co-CEO of Eve Andre Stein said; “We are thrilled to partner with Falcon to enable future urban mobility in the UAE and launch eVTOL flights in Dubai. This will help to position Dubai as a leader in the urban air mobility market, with Eve’s global experience.”

Meanwhile, Eve has also partnered with Porsche Consulting to define an eVTOL global manufacturing, logistics and supply chain strategy.

The companies will combine their aeronautical and automotive expertise to support Eve’s implementation plan, with a master services agreement that includes studies on industrial operation, logistics, supply chain and parts distribution.

The study will address scalability and distributed production, while digital transformation generates new possibilities for more agile technologies focussed on business and sustainability goals.

Andre Stein added: “We are pleased to work with a leader in the industry that can support us with strategic decision making in a UAM ecosystem that is quickly evolving, and I look forward to seeing the new opportunities ahead.”

Porsche Consulting CEO Rudy Leutz said: “We are proud of our new partnership with Eve, because we have the opportunity to shape the future of mobility together.

“We share the same values, and with industry-leading know-how, we will be able to question and challenge all existing concepts for logistics and manufacturing.”

Last month, Embraer concluded experimental flights in Rio de Janeiro de Janeiro focussed on evaluating new autonomous system technologies in real flight conditions, and worked with Eve UAM and other partners, during which time they explored scenarios for take-off, climb, cruise, approach, and landing flight phases.

At the same time, Eve Holding, formerly known as Zanite, announced a business combination with Eve UAM, a subsidiary of Embraer.