Under the nifty sub-heading, Future of eVTOLs is not just carbon neutral but climate neutral, below is a recent interview with Joby Founder and CEO, JoeBen Bevirt, carried out by and posted on YouTube by the Farnborough International News Network (FINN), a media arm of Farnborough.

Interviewed by Katie Goldfinch, while it is brief and basic, Bevirt’s keynote speech at the forthcoming International Airshow (July 18th-22nd) will, no doubt, be more comprehensive and technical.

The interview touches on aircraft noise, a subject which Bevirt says, “I’ve been deeply passionate about since a kid.” He emphasises the point that his Joby craft “is 100 Xs quieter than a helicopter” – a major and positive selling point adopted by eVTOL competitors like Archer.

Bevirt expands on the theme referring to it as “a quality of noise, more like the sound of wind in the trees” rather than that deep growling “WAP, WAP” of a helicopter. He continues, “We have been really thoughtful about our acoustic signature.”

The video is well worth a watch.

FINN is an award-winning video-led digital hub and reports on the primary airshows across the world. The media company will have a strong presence at the impending Farnborough International Airshow. The website is worth subscribing to as it offers various different content to choose from, and where original eVTOL-related news and information is regularly emailed. More importantly, it is a free service.

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