Wisk Aero has partnered with the Council of Mayors of South East Queensland to introduce a safe, sustainable, and scalable, autonomous air taxi service, and will hire additional Australian-based personnel.

Wisk CEO Gary Gysin said: “We are proud to engage with the Council of Mayors to introduce AAM that will benefit local communities and industry as a whole, and build on the relationships we have in Australia to make safe, all-electric, autonomous flight a reality.”

The Council of Mayors Chair, Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner, said that South East Queensland offered a mix of rural, beach, and city landscapes making it the perfect location to trial and launch new and innovative industries.

Wisk will work with the local government to provide green tourism and transport options, and will also display its 5th generation aircraft in Brisbane in July.

Lord Schrinner continued: “Collaboration between our Councils is critical to ensure the industry understands the needs of our communities, and also enables our Councils to support a consistent and collaborative approach to planning and regulation critical to investment and rollout across our region.

“Council of Mayors kickstarted our Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games journey because we knew it would attract global businesses and innovative industries to our region, bringing with it new jobs and new economic opportunities.

“We expect to see the emergence of advanced air technology in places like Paris and Los Angeles, and by 2032 I would love to see it supporting new and innovative experiences for tourism and travel in South East Queensland.”

Wisk’s Asia Pacific regional director Catherine MacGowan said: “Our work has the potential to accelerate the introduction of emissions-free aviation, to help reduce transport-driven carbon emissions, and to realise the benefits of AAM for the Queensland state economy and the wellbeing of its citizens.”

In March, Skyportz, Sea World Helicopters, Secure Parking and Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate joined forces to make SE Queensland the centre of the emerging electric air taxi industry in Australia, in time for the Brisbane Olympics.

Last December, Eve Air Mobility announced that it would help accelerate the development of Australia’s urban air mobility ecosystem by partnering with Nautilus Aviation, Northern Australia’s largest helicopter operator, to introduce Eve’s eVTOL aircraft at Queensland’s most iconic tourism attractions, including the Great Barrier Reef.