Evolito, a privately-owned company designing and manufacturing world-leading electric motors and controllers for aerospace applications, has today announced the acquisition of the business and assets of Cheltenham-based aerospace battery solutions company Electroflight.

Evolito, which supplies high-power density, light-weight electric motors and controllers for electric aerospace applications, was spun out in 2021 by electric motor and controller pioneer YASA, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz.

Evolito claims its axial-flux motors and controllers are smaller and lighter, and have a higher safety factor than any other competing electric propulsion technology, to enable a range of new electric propulsion applications helping to accelerate the industry’s move towards net zero emissions.

Electroflight has a proven track record of delivering safety critical, innovative battery solutions for electrifying the aerospace industry. Following the acquisition, Electroflight will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Evolito and will focus on delivering next-generation battery technology to complement Evolito’s motors and controllers.

Evolito chief commercial officer Ajay Lukha said: “We are very excited to complete the acquisition of Electroflight today.

“The combined capabilities will enable us to deliver flexible solutions for our customers, from best-in-class motor and controller subsystems to fully-integrated electric powertrains.”

Based in Oxford, Evolito leverages technology proven at scale by OEMs in the automotive EV industry and investors include B-Flexion and Oxford Science Enterprises (OSE).

Both YASA and Electroflight were also partners in the Rolls Royce Spirit of Innovation electric aircraft project which broke the electric speed record earlier this year.

In early 2021, Evolito was spun out by YASA Motors, one of the world’s leading pioneers of automotive axial-flux electric motors which was acquired by Mercedes-Benz earlier in the year.