Naylam, a luxury VIP Chauffeur Service operating in four regions worldwide, is to add regional air mobility services with 10 ANNTM hybrid-electric eV/STOL multi-seater aircrafts from Swiss start-up Manta Aircraft Italia.

With 20,000 customers to date in England, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Morocco, the two companies have entered into an agreement to add aerial mobility services, offering customers point-to-point connections with fewer geographic boundaries.

Key factors in the decision are the long-range performance offered by Manta ANNTM in regional operations, low total cost of ownership (TCO) and flexible use as eVTOL or STOL, as well as the minimal infrastructure requirements to enable speedy, reliable and safe connectivity to areas that are difficult to reach or negated by road congestion.

The agreement includes the joint development of the specific business cases as well as the launch of operations with a fleet of 10 ANNTM aircraft to provide appropriate services in each region now being served. Deliveries are expected to begin in 2026/2027.

Naylam chairman Saeed Kashkash said: “As a fast growing specialist in Luxury VIP Chauffeur Service, we constantly aspire to pioneer in products and services fulfilling tomorrow’s mobility needs.

“The Manta Aircraft platform has been carefully selected for our operations due to its performance in terms of long range and flexible configuration of the cabin layout.

“These are decisive advantages and necessities in order to offer tailor-made solutions to our customers – such as airport pickup and transfer to a holiday resort several hundreds of kilometres away – and having the aircraft immediately available for a new pick-up without need of long ground stops to recharge batteries.”

Manta Aircraft CEO Lucas Marchesini added: “Following the agreement in the utility service field with the smaller ANN2 for organ transportation, winning a first partner for the large multi-seater platform confirms the business potential of the path we took two years ago for regional and inter-regional connections.

“The range of several hundred kilometres, the high cruise speed with low total cost of ownership, and other advantages such as the independence from complex ground infrastructure, also represent a solution with unique advantages for Business Aviation.”

In May, Manta Aircraft and private medical air transport company Avionord agreed to field up to 15 hybrid-electric long-range eVTOL aircraft derived from Manta’s ANN platform.

In March last year, Manta Aircraft announced that it was developing its hybrid-electrical vertical and short take-off and landing (HeV/STOL) aircraft, by testing a 1:3 scale demonstrator on a final configuration of a prototype expected to start flying in 2022.