Skyportz has been announced as ‘Start-up of the Year’ finalist in the Australian Aviation Awards for its work in developing the landing infrastructure property partnerships in advance of the introduction of electric air taxis.

With over 400 sites ready to activate when rules and regulations permit, the Australian Aviation Awards recognises the leading professionals and businesses in the aviation community across Australia.

Australian Aviation’s Adam Thorn said: “The awards are regarded as one of the aviation profession’s most prestigious accolades, recognising professional development and showcasing individuals and businesses leading the way in the industry.”

Skyportz aims to assemble all the pieces of the puzzle to attract air taxi operators to their vertiport network, and CEO Clem Newton-Brown does not have an aviation background, but his skills as a planning lawyer and former Member of Parliament and Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne have all played a part in Skyportz’s success in moving the air taxi industry forward.

He commented: “Our focus has been initially on helping to develop the political support for this emerging industry and there is no doubt now that all levels of Government and our air regulators are preparing Australia for this new era in clean, quiet aviation.

“The next step is for our politicians and regulators to break the nexus between aviation and airports to enable our property partners to activate their sites with vertiport infrastructure.

“We can offer solid support for new entrants, a benign operating environment, proactive regulators and a ready made network of property partners to get this industry off the ground.

“Over $10 billion was invested into the aircraft frontrunners last year. The first jurisdictions to successfully attract these aircraft for an air taxi launch will be the beneficiaries of massive investment.”

In late March, Skyportz, Sea World Helicopters, Secure Parking and Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate joined forces to make SE Queensland the centre of the emerging electric air taxi industry in Australia, in time for the Brisbane Olympics.

In January, Skyportz announced a partnership with Secure Parking to deliver up to 400 landing sites for eVTOL aircraft in Australia.