It appears CBS News has become enamoured by flying taxis as this is its second lengthy report since April. The video is 13.30’ minutes long.

CNN Anchorman, Anderson Cooper, and a CBS correspondent for 60 Minutes, takes another enthusiastic look at the eVTOL industry. Hands on, he experiences a one-man ride in a LIFT HEXA, battery-powered by 18 propellers. Cooper takes control of the flight. After landing he enthuses, “That was cool. That was awesome!” Matt Chasen, CEO of Austin-based LIFT is then interviewed.

Next in line is Billy Nolen, a pilot for 42 years and a former Head of Safety for the FAA before being named Acting Administrator earlier this year. He remarks, “I am amazed by the amount of innovation that has taken place.” The challenges surrounding eVTOL certification are discussed.

Cooper and Bevirt Discuss “Noise”

Then on to JoeBen Bevirt, founder and CEO of Joby. He pops up all over the media landscape. So, no surprise to see him on this CBS Special. Joby now takes centre stage.

Bevirt has his marketing speech down pat. He uses the same phrases including a favourite describing the Joby craft noise, “like the sound of the trees rather than the WAP WAP of a helicopter.” That has become a popular meme for him.

Bevirt points out the craft’s decibel level is less than the background cacophony of many city centres. Presumably, then, you won’t hear it when flying overhead? Interviews with former Tesla employee and now Joby’s battery expert, Jon Wagner, and Paul Sciarra, the company’s Executive Chairman, follow.

On to Wisk and CEO, Gary Gysin. With a profile that went meteoric after Boeing invested USD450 million back in January, Wisk is now viewed as a major eVTOL-player even though the company has attracted barely any sales, confirmed or unconfirmed, compared to its competitors. Gysin explains Wisk has carried out close on 1,600 test flights without incident.

This video is well worth viewing.

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