The Italian Lazzarini Design Studio based in Rome offers a wonderful and highly imaginative futuristic world of transport concepts under the strapline, “Think about the future, never forget the past.”

The company’s founder is 40 year-old, Pierpaolo Lazzarini, an Italian designer who describes himself as someone with “artistic visualisation and prototyping skills” who spent “years working in the automotive field” and who believes “in a different design approach.”

Pierpaolo Lazzarini

One of his better known has been dubbed “The flying mega-yacht”, a catamaran structure composed of two large parallel blimps linked together by carbon fibre bridges that hold the whole construct together. This amphibious air yacht is designed to move almost seamlessly through the air and water, where passengers and cargo travel in a rigid, aerodynamic cabin between the two blimp structures.

This levitating delight, powered by hydrogen and solar power from its rooftop panels, is able to reach speeds of up 70 knots (81 mph) during flight and 5 knots (6 mph) when sailing. The choice of hydrogen is an interesting decision, as other recent airship projects have opted to use helium instead.

A spokesperson at the Italian design studio said the company has opted for hydrogen due to its larger lifting power, which makes it possible to limit the volume of the blimps. While hydrogen is flammable, current technologies and materials make it possible to use the gas safely and securely.

While the original concept measured a whopping 265 metres (869 feet) long and was capable of carrying 200 passengers, this latest version is much more compact at 100 metres (328 feet) long.

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The flying Yacht has a duration travel time of 48 hours and is being designed to allow for boarding and de-boarding while on the move. eVTOLs, for example, would be able to land on a helipad located on top of the cabin to drop off or pick up passengers.

Not surprisingly, this flying mega-yacht is being targeted at wealthy individuals. The deluxe cabin design features a shipowner’s suite that occupies the central space and provides 360-degree views. Additionally, there are five smaller suites, plus a large area for relaxing and dining.

Although Lazzarini Design Studio has yet to secure investors for this Air Yacht, the studio is moving forward with trialing a 30-metre (98-foot) scale model in Germany later this year.

Cabin lounge and Dining Area

Lazzarini’s extraordinary imagination is best displayed via this link.

A smorgasbord of concepts that will titillate the imagination of even the most hardened futurist. From the Linux and Stratofera eVTOLs, the ultimate flying car, the Hover Coupe, to the FD-One racing speedster, one can only look on in wonder. Yet, there is one major snag. Will any of these designs ever reach the market-place given the amount of money required to develop them? Are they merely science fiction fantasies for the Isaac Asimov cognoscenti?

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