LuftCar has signed a partnership agreement with Neurobotx to launch its docking and undocking eVTOL for commercial, military and healthcare applications out of Orlando, Florida, having recently signed with BOSCH to develop hydrogen fuel cell components for the EVOTL market.

LuftCar CEO Santh Sathya said: “LuftCar can use Neurobotx XR simulations for testing, developing and validating air transitions to evaluate human factors, communicate cargo, passenger and disaster relief through digital twin defense mission training campaigns for air force, navy and marine corps.”

Before founding LuftCar, Santh was head of systems engineering at Boeing Insitu drones and led Model Based Systems Engineering and digital twin development.

Neurobotx CEO Dr Diana Deca commented: “We are thrilled to work with LuftCar and leverage our technology, marketing and business development abilities to bring it to market.

“Millions of users will be able to experience LuftCar’s patented docking model and travel long distances, while generating much needed data for pilot training, regulatory approval, investor and client diligence. Our unique neuromorphic backend fits the energy efficiency demands for EVTOL to become fully hydrogen-based.

“Our Metapilot platform is an extended reality (XR) experience with a neuromorphic backend, haptics, and the brain’s navigation system. Essentially, we are rebuilding the pilot brain inside the aircraft.

“We will simulate unique governmental and commercial applications to show LuftCar’s unique features, and partner with investors, governmental and airline clients, as well as regulatory approval via our joint NASA partnerships.”

Santh Resumed: “LuftCar would also demonstrate hydrogen handling, safety and refueling, VTOL experiences to customers and stakeholders through virtual reality. This partnership is just the beginning of the cognitive metaverse designed to bridge the retro futuristic dream of flying cars and the actual present.”